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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

I Saw What You Did Movie Review 413

I Saw What You Did is a 1988 TV thriller movie directed by Fred Walton and starring Shawnee Smith, Tammy Lauren, Candace Cameron, Robert Carradine and David Carradine.

Lisa(Lauren) is asked to dinner at Kim(Smith)'s house for the evening. She accepts because she wants to meet her boyfriend in a parent free house. Kim's dad has gone away for the night and she is taking care of her sister Julia(Cameron). Cut to Adrian(Robert Carradine) who is with his girlfriend at his house. He is going to ask her to marry him. He has just lost his job and his girlfriend tells him that she wants to break up with him. Meanwhile, the girls decide to play a game. They decide to call people and tell them that 'I saw what you did and I know who you are'. They happen to choose Adrian's phone number. They call him and his girlfriend answers as Adrian is very upset. They tell her that they need to speak to Adrian so she goes to get him. He decides to murder her and the girls hear something on the line then hang up.

The girls get a fright when they see a local guy called Randy who is selling mangoes. Adrian buries his girlfriend. When he gets back, his brother Steve(David Carradine) is there. He  and Kim going to stay for a while. Adrian does not want him there. The girls ring Adrian again. They tell him that they saw what he did. He is worried that they know about what he did. He tells Kim that he wants to meet her when she talks to him on the phone. Lisa and Kim decide to go and drive by his house. Kim ends up going up to his door and he opens it. She tells him that her car has broken down and he invites her in to use the phone. He starts acting a little strangely and Kim runs out when Steve comes in. She forgets her purse. Steve is suspicious of what happened to Adrian's girlfriend. He thinks that there is something weird going on. He tells Adrian that she had called him telling him that she was worried about him. Adrian has a history of mental problems.

Kim realises that she has lost her purse. Steve wants to help Adrian with his problems but he gets hit on the head by Adrian who heads off to Kim's to get rid of her. He realises that she was the girl on the phone who said that she knew about his crime. A cop stops Adrian and he manages to escape by crashing his car. The cops think that he died in the crash. He gets a lift to Kim's house and she finds him in her kitchen. She tells him that it was all a game and that she just picked his name out of the phone book. He realises that she knows nothing. She tries to call the cops but he cuts the phone line and then comes back for her. He sets a fire and Kim and Julia escape through a window. The cops come and Adrian comes out of the house on fire and dies. The movie ends with Steve calling Kim and telling her that she killed his brother and he will get her.

I liked this TV movie. It is a good thriller. It is very well made and I realised that it was directed by Fred Ward who also did When A Stranger Calls and April Fools Day , both of which I enjoyed. I liked the main characters in it. Robert Carradine was good as the unhinged Adrian and his real life brother David had a smaller part, but he was good too. The two lead girls played their parts well and the whole movie was entertaining and fun. Not much gore here, but that isn't a problem as there is enough here to keep you watching. Enjoyable. I will give it a 7/10.


Saturday, September 24, 2016

Ginger Snaps Movie Review 412

Ginger Snaps is a 2000 Canadian horror movie directed by John Fawcett and starring Emily Perkins and Katharine Isabelle.

In a place called Bailey Downs, two sisters, Brigitte(Perkins) and Ginger(Isabelle) have a strange bond. They are both fascinated with death and dying and they have made a suicide pact between them. They are out one night when Ginger is attacked by some sort of creature, namely a werewolf. The funny thing is that she has just began her period and this has led to her being chosen. A local guy called Sam(Kris Lemche) runs the creature over. Ginger is okay but she has been bitten by it. She decides to leave it and go home. Unfortunately, she begins to change from that night on. She is not the same person any longer. She is dangerous and she is changing and even growing a tail. Brigitte surmises that she is turning into a werewolf!

Sam and Brigitte try to come up with some solution to the problem, but nothing works.The local bully is at their house complaining because she thinks that Ginger did something to her dog when she has an accident and dies after a fight between the two girls. They don't know what to do now, so they hide her body in a freezer to keep their parents from finding out. The girls are in a bad position now. Ginger has to be stopped in case she kills someone, but she won't listen to reason and wants to go out and about. They bury the dead girl. Sam and Brigitte find a cure from monkshood, some kind of flower which is supposed to cure people who have been bitten. They are going to give it to Ginger,  but they don't get a chance because she is on the loose and she has transformed fully into a werewolf.

Brigitte and Sam chase her to try and stop her, but it is no use. She kills Sam in front of Brigitte and Brigitte has no choice but to kill Ginger when she attacks her. The movie ends with the two sisters together, one dead and the other one crying. This was a weird film in some ways. It is kind of a teen movie, but then there are some gory scenes, so it is more than just another horror movie geared at kids. It was made on a modest budget and the movie reflects this. There are some good scenes in it and I like the premise. It was entertaining and worth seeing. I haven't watched the sequels yet, but I will get around to them some time. I will give this a 6/10.
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