Saturday, February 25, 2017

Amityville 4:The Evil Escapes Movie Review 455

Amityville 4:The Evil Escapes is a 1989 TV movie directed by Sandor Stern and the fourth in the Amityville franchise. It stars Patty Duke,Jane Wyatt and Fredric Lehne.

The movie begins with some priests who enter the Amityville house(Did the house not burn down in the previous movie????) to bless it and exorcise it. They are attacked by unseen forces. One of them called Fr.Dennis(Lehne) is horrified when he sees a demonic face on an old lamp. He gets knocked out by something unseen in the room. Cut to a yard sale in the house and a woman called Helen buys the ugly lamp. She cuts her finger on it. She is going to send the lamp to her sister in California.

Cut to California where Nancy(Duke) and her kids, Amanda, Zoe and Brian are going to stay with Nancy's mother Alice(Wyatt) as Nancy's husband has died and they need somewhere to stay. It just happens that the lamp arrives from Alice's sister, Helen. The cat doesn't like the lamp and hisses at it, so you just know that this lamp is evil! The lamp has a mind of its own and strange things begin to happen in the house. The electrics start to act up and some poor guy gets his hand shredded in the waste disposal!

Helen dies from her infected finger and her sister doesn't know as no one can get through to her. The priest, Fr.Dennis finds out that Alice has the lamp and he wants to warn her. He tries to call the house but for some reason, he cannot get through so he decides to go and see her in person. Nancy finds Jessica talking to the lamp and she thinks that it her dead father.Nancy is very worried. Jessica becomes stranger and stranger. Anyway, the priest comes to the house and gets ready for a battle.
The lamp is waiting for him and there is a fight. They try to destroy the lamp but they can't. The dad shows up and tries to persuade them that it is really him, but they don't believe him. The lamp gets thrown through the window and that's that. The movie ends with the cat shows glowing eyes, suggesting that the evil has entered the cat.

This film didn't have much in the way of scares. I thought that it was a bit boring in parts and there wasn't enough horror in this for me. The fact that the house was still standing after the last film was silly because there was no explanations and this doesn't really have much to do with the previous movies. This is a weak sequel and there is nothing good here. This gets a 3/10.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Haunt Movie Review 454

Haunt is a 2014 horror movie directed by Mac Carter and starring Ione Skye, Harrison Gilbertson and Liana Liberto.

The movie begins with a man called Frank trying to contact his family through an EVP machine.
He tells them that he is sorry. Something attacks him and makes him kill himself. A woman called Janet Morello(Jacki Weaver) is narrating the story of what happened to her family who were killed in a spooky house. A new family is moving in. They are Alan and his wife Emily(Skye) and their children. Evan(Gilbertson) meets a neighbour called Sam(Liberto). She tells him that their house is cursed. It is called the Morello Curse. Evan and Sam try and investigate to see what is going on in the house as strange things happen.

They find the EVP machine and they try and contact the ghost in the house . They hear a voice and they are spooked. Evan's sister becomes a bit strange as the ghost bothers her. Evan and Sam try to burn the machine and then all hell breaks loose. There is some back story on Dr. Morello and the ghost story is explained. Sam gets possessed and kills Evan. She is taken off and Dr. Morello looks at the house and wonders if Evan will be the next ghost to haunt the house. 

This film wasn't very good. I thought that it started okay, but descended into rubbish as it went on. I was not impressed with the story and it irritated me after a while. Some of these films can be boring and derivative. Anyway, I would not really recommend this unless you like crappy movies. I will give it a 3/10.

The Walking Dead, Season 7, Episode 9

Last time, Rick and the others had rallied together to fight Negan and his bullies. This episode begins with Gabriel the priest taking lots of supplies and heading off in a car. Where is he going? Cut to Gregory at the Hilltop. He is a coward and he doesn't want to fight against The Saviours. Rick and the others try and convince him that it is the right thing to do, but he is just so cowardly. A few people from the community want to come with them to fight. Rick, Daryl and others go to The Kingdom for help. They want to convince Ezekiel to fight with them. They meet Morgan and he tells them that Carol has gone. Jesus pleads with Ezekiel but he won't go against The Saviours.

Ezekiel offers Daryl sanctuary in The Kingdom but Daryl doesn't want to stay. Rick convinces him to stay for the moment. Rick and the others are driving along when they come upon a row of cars booby trapped with explosives. They take the explosives and move back the cars so that The Saviours won't realise that they were messing with their trap. A herd of walkers is coming and Rick and Michonne mow them down in a great scene! They make it back in time for The Saviours to arrive looking for Daryl. They wreck the place and find nothing. Rick and the others find a note saying boat so they go back to the boat to have a look around. They find themselves surrounded and people pull guns on them. Rick smiles.

This was a good episode with Rick rallying the troops. Hopefully, Ezekiel will join the fight and there will be some serious ass kicking to come!
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