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Friday, August 19, 2016

Magic Movie Review 405

Magic is a 1978 horror/thriller directed by Richard Attenborough and starring Anthony Hopkins, Burgess Meredith and Ann Margret.

Corky Withers(Hopkins) is a small time magician who is not having much luck with his act. He decides to change his act and become a ventriloquist. He names his dummy Fats and he has a lot more success with his act then. Fats is a loud mouthed character and people love him. Corky has an agent called Ben Greene(Meredith) and he wants Corky to do some TV shows. Corky won't do it because he needs to take a medical test and he knows that he will fail it because he has some psychological issues. He runs off to where he grew up for some peace. He meets an old flame,Peggy Ann(Ann Margret). She is married to a guy that Corky knew in high school. There is still a spark between them and they become close, much to the disapproval of Fats who is taking over Corky.

Ben Greene turns up to see Corky and persuade him to come back but he realises that Fats is taking over Corky's personality. He realises that Corky needs help and he tells him so. Corky panics and he doesn't know what to do.Fats tells him that he needs to kill Greene or Corky will be found out. Corky does so and he puts him in a lake. Fats becomes jealous when Corky talks about leaving with Peggy Ann. He doesn't want Corky to desert him. When Peggy Ann's husband talks to him about his wife, Corky feels bad. He has to kill him when he finds Greene's body washed up on the shore and he becomes suspicious of Corky.

Corky is at the brink of losing his sanity after this. Fats is in control. He wants him to kill Peggy Ann.
He can't bring himself to do it, so he stabs himself and ends Fats' control over him. The films ends with Peggy Ann speaking like Fats herself which is weird. This was an interesting movie. I liked the leads and Hopkins plays the part of the demented Corky/Fats well. The ending was a little odd but I will let that go. All in all, this was very enjoyable. I will give it a 7/10.

Friday, August 12, 2016

The Appearing Movie Review 404

The Appearing is a 2014 horror movie starring Don Swayze and Dean Cain. It is directed by Daric Gates.

There is a house in a small town called The Granville House and it is haunted. There was a woman in it who was possessed by a demon. The local kids have a look around the place. They swap stories about it. One couple Susie and her boyfriend Nathan go into the house and things turn nasty. Susie disappears. There is a new Deputy Sheriff in town called Michael(Will Wallace) and he starts his new job by investigating Suzie's disappearance. He meets the Sheriff Hendricks(Don Swayze) and they work on the case. Michael's wife is called Rachel(Emily Brooks) and she and Michael lost a child before they moved to the town. She sees some weirdo kid running around in the woods. She talks to her and the kid tells her that her sister left her in the woods.

Rachel sees the kid again and she wanders up to The Granville House(which is the Psycho House by the way) and she finds a locket outside it. Michael and the Sheriff investigate more and they go and see Doctor Shaw(Dean Cain) who has some old man in a cage in the corridor of the hospital who talks gibberish about the missing girl. He looks like he is in a chicken coop! Very strange. They are led to Nathan who has been traumatised since he came out of the house. He draws pictures and spouts in riddles. The movie begins to take a sinister turn when Rachel gets possessed by some demon and she changes into a different person. She is still seeing weird kids and having visions. Michael is oblivious to this.

The end of the movie comes when Michael gets in a priest who tried to exorcise the possessed woman who lived in The Granville House before and failed. He doesn't want to do it, but Michael begs him. He manages to get the demon out. The ending is messy so I am not going to bother with the ins and outs. Watch the movie if you are interested but I will warn you that this is a very cheap movie and the only reason that I decided to watch it is because I like Dean Cain. He was in it for about five minutes, so that was a total waste of time. It isn't very good at all and I was just irritated by the end of it. The guy in the chicken coop was hilarious! The only good thing about it is that the Psycho house was featured. Apart from that, this was silly. I will give it a 3/10.
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