Sunday, January 15, 2017

Amityville 3-D Movie Review 443

Amityville 3-D is a 1983 horror movie and another installment in the Amityville series of movies. It is directed by Richard Fleischer and stars Tony Roberts, Tess Harper, Lori Loughlin and Meg Ryan.

John Baxter(Roberts) and his colleague Melanie(Candy Clark) are journalists who go around busting fake mediums etc. They arrive at the Amityville house and catch two con artists. John meets the owner of the house Mr. Sanders(John Harkins) who offers him the house at a very low price. People don't want to live in the house because of its history. John decides to buy it but his wife Nancy(Harper) is not happy because he wants their daughter, Susan(Loughlin) to come over to the house. Nancy doesn't want her daughter going there. Melanie takes some pictures of Sanders and his face shows up as a corpse. She can't understand what is happening. The camera is fine and the film is fine so what is it. Sanders goes to the house to meet John but gets locked into a room and attacked by flies. He dies.

Melanie is spooked.John is skeptical.He finds a well under the floorboards in the basement. Melanie shows her pictures to Elliot West(Robert Joy) who is a paranormal investigator. He can't explain it either. She goes to meet John at the house and has a bad experience when she sees something weird. She refuses to go back in there. John thinks that she is crazy but she tells him that there is something happening in the house. Meanwhile, Lisa and Susan go to the house with some pals and they decide to hold a seance. Their glass goes flying and they get spooked. They finds a boat outside and decide to go out on the water.

Nancy comes to the house to look for Susan and she sees her walking upstairs. Susan shuts the door on her and Nancy calls her to come out. Meanwhile, John comes home and sees Susan being lifted out of the boat. She fell out into the water and drowned. Nancy comes outside to see what is going on and she tells John that it can't be Susan because she just saw her in the house. John thinks that she is mad. Susan is dead. Nancy thinks that she is still in the house with her and John is worried about her.
Elliot offers to bring a team of his people to the house to investigate it. John agrees. They set up their gear and wait for something to happen.

Nancy is up in Susan's room and she hears Susan calling her to follow. She does so and Susan leads her to the basement. Elliot goes too and they look into the well which is looking strange. Elliot calls out whatever is in the well and a monster comes out and pulls him in. John and Nancy are horrified and run out. The house begins to crumble and people are killed. John and Nancy manage to get out through a window and they watch as the whole house explodes. The well is still there though, suggesting that the evil is still in the house.

This film was not great, but then sequels rarely are. I liked Tony Roberts in this. He was a good leading man and the rest of the cast were fine. Meg Ryan had a small part in this film too. There weren't many scares here and it is pretty tame to be honest. I liked parts of it but it did not have the eeriness of the original or the spookiness. This is more like a TV movie and it is worth a look if you like the Amityville series as I do. I watched this on TV recently and I did enjoy it even though it isn't as scary as I would like. So, if you like the old haunted house stories, you might like this. I will give it a middle of the road 5/10.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Mystery Road Movie Review 442

Mystery Road is a 2013 Australian thriller directed by Ivan Sen and starring Aaron Pedersen, Hugo Weaving and Ryan Kwanten.

An aboriginal girl is found dead on a road by a local truck driver. Aboriginal Detective Jay Swan(Pedersen) is brought in to investigate the case. The girl's name is Julie and he finds out that she was a prostitute and that she would sleep with truckers. He asks around the local area for information about her, but he is met with some resistance. He asks a local farmer, Sam Bailey about the night Julie was killed and he doesn't have any information for him. Jay has an ex wife and daughter called Crystal and she knew Julie but she doesn't know anything. His ex wife is an alcoholic and Jay thinks that his daughter would be better off with him but she won't go with him.

Jay has a cop friend called Johnno(Weaving) who is a little suspect. Jay sees him on the road one night with another guy and it looks very suspicious. Jay finds out that the murder weapon was a hunting knife and that Julie was bitten by a dog also. He discovers that Julie went to a motel for sex and he visits it and talks to the owner. She tells him that she remembers a white truck at the motel and a guy who calls himself William Smith. Jay recalls that Sam Bailey's son Pete(Kwanten) has a white truck and dogs. He goes to the farm and talks to Pete, but gets nothing out of him only attitude. Jay finds that Pete has a criminal record. Jay uncovers information about a cop who was killed on the job. He talks to his widow and finds out that the cop got a call from someone he knew on the night he was killed. Jay thinks that something fishy is going on. Is Johnno mixed up in this?

Jay sees Johnno meet some drug dealer and he takes the dealer into custody. He gets information out of him. The dealer says that he pimps out local girls to cover his debts.He also tells Jay about a load of heroin that he had in his car which was stolen. Johnno intervenes and lets the dealer go as he is his snitch. Jay knows that there is something wrong here.  He thinks that Johnno is smuggling drugs as he is missing something which can only be the heroin.He goes to Julie's place and finds the heroin. He calls the crooked Johnno to meet him with the drugs. He gets himself a gun and pulls up to the meeting place on Mystery Road. A few people show up including Johnno and Pete and Pete's dad, Sam who was also in on the drugs operation.There is a huge shootout and Jay manages to kill the baddies, including dirty cop Johnno. He finds a necklace belonging to the dead Julie in the back of the car so it proves that they killed her as she got mixed up with their operation. The movie ends with Jay meeting his ex wife and daughter.

This movie was slow. I found it a little tedious sometimes and the story got a bit messy near the end. I liked the cast and the lead actor Pederson was good in his part. I liked the shots of the Australian outback and the Western type feel to this. I just thought that it dragged in parts and this took away from the film. All in all, this was interesting and if you like slow burners, then you will enjoy this. I will give it a 6/10.
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